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Lobster Boat in Maine Hauls in 20-Pound Brute, Photo Goes Viral [PICS]

Photos via Portland Press Herald

A lobster boat in Maine pulls a huge lobster from the water and the resulting photo has gone viral.   

When Ricky Louis Felice, Jr. posted a picture of himself holding a giant three-foot-long, 20-pound crustacean, he had no idea that it would go viral.

Over a month after the huge lobster was caught and released, he posted the picture on his Facebook page at the urging of his friends and has now received numerous requests for interviews.

Press Herald

Felice, Jr. was part of a three-man crew on the Big Dipper out of Friendship, Maine. The boat’s captain, Isaac Lash has fished the waters around the Gulf of Maine for over a decade and wasn’t all that impressed:

I’ve seen lobsters as big or bigger than that one. It’s neat to see such a big one, but it’s not that rare.

According to the Maine DMR (Department of Marine Resources) the all-time record for a lobster catch belongs to a Nova Scotia crustacean boat in 1977. It weighed a resounding 44 pounds, 6 ounces and was estimated to be at least 100 years old.

Regulations in the state of Maine require a slot limit of no shorter than three-and-a-quarter inches and no longer than five inches, measured from the eye to the end of its back.

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Lobster Boat in Maine Hauls in 20-Pound Brute, Photo Goes Viral [PICS]