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Load Your Own Snake Loads for Your Cap-and-Ball Revolvers

snake loads for your cap and ball revolvers

Ever wish they made snake loads for your cap-and-ball revolver?

Well, why not make your own? Watch Youtuber blackpowdershooter 44 show you how to load up your own cap-and-ball snake loads.

Imagine this scene back 150+ years ago. You are stalking your buffalo in a low crawl when you come face to face with the biggest rattler you have ever witnessed. It is staring into your eyes, ready to sink its fangs in if you dare try to move away.

Well, luckily you are packing your cap and ball revolver. No, it’s not loaded with a single-round ball for each shot that might miss the slithery menace, but many small birdshot pellets instead. One shot is all you need and you are on your way with rattlesnake for dinner.

This old school technology can still save your life. It can also just be fun to mess around with. Cap-and-ball revolver shooter blackpowdershooter 44 shows you how to make your own snake loads. 


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Load Your Own Snake Loads for Your Cap-and-Ball Revolvers