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Load the Boat with Summer Crappies Using a Drop-Shot Rig

summer crappies

Crappies giving you the summertime blues? Drop-shot them.

Bass anglers like to think they invented the drop-shot rig and that the versatile presentation is theirs and theirs alone. Not true.

Crappie anglers are employing the drop-shot rig during the heat of the summer. Check out the video to see how it works.

When fish are schooling, a drop-shot rig is an ideal presentation because you can put it right in the zone the fish are holding. Unlike when bass fishing, a multi-hook rig is used and each hook can be spread a few feet apart to cover even more of the water column.

Summer crappies are notoriously tough to find but there is a window during the low-light periods when they'll feed aggressively -- and that's when you need to be there. Locating the vegetation that fish are relating to is critical of course and electronics can help make the task easier.

Once you've located the fish, you have to present the drop-shot rig without bogging down in the weeds. This is done by using short -- even vertical -- presentations much as you would while ice-fishing. The drop-shot allows you to determine exactly where you're at in relation to the bottom and fish. Often, in deeper water, you can actually see your rig on your sonar and watch as fish respond to the bait.


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Load the Boat with Summer Crappies Using a Drop-Shot Rig