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What’s It Take to Load the Magpul PMAG 17? [VIDEO]

Lightweight, affordable, reliable PMAGs rock.

Consumers will argue that Glocks are not only affordable firearms but they are also the most reliable. Countless police agencies and many military organizations rely on Glock pistols around the globe.

The magazines are considered a wear-and-tear item and should be replaced after heavy use. Thats where the PMAG17 comes into play.

Magpul has designed their own version of the reliable Glock Mags. Starting with the Glock 17 (G17 as it’s commonly referred to), Magpul has made an all-polymer magazine much like their PMAGS for the AR15 rifles.

The polymer mags can withstand loads of abuse as the construction is solid with little no crush points. This magazine is for 9mm cartridges.

The PMAG17 also comes with a high viz style follower. Shooters will appreciate a high viz follower because it can help them quickly identify an empty magazine versus a weapons malfunction.

The follower is pushed by an all stainless spring. The base plate has a unique feature that integrates a fast identification feature. There are even a series of dots on the base plate that allow you to color them so you can identify your mags compared to neighboring shooters.

The price point is around $16. This makes the PMAG17 very affordable and will allow users to pick up several mags very quickly. If only Magpul made pouches that went with the mags, then I would really get excited.

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What’s It Take to Load the Magpul PMAG 17? [VIDEO]