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Lizard Assassin: Introducing the Blowgun Sniper [VIDEO]

When you can shoot lizards like this, we’ll call you the blowgun sniper too.

Texas lizards are usually the target of roadrunners, but now they have to dodge blowgun darts as well.

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Check out how the Cold Steel Big Bore Blowgun Dart culls the ruthless Texas lizard population. Reptiles everywhere are trembling.


Now that’s some good shootin’! Those little buggers can’t be too easy to hit. Being a blowgun sniper has to take some serious practice.

Blowguns can be a lot of fun to hunt with, but they must be good for something besides lizards. Well, I guess I’ll have to get one and start practicing on bigger game. There are plenty of models to choose from and a wide variety of darts as well.



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Lizard Assassin: Introducing the Blowgun Sniper [VIDEO]