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Live Sturgeon Spawning Cams Are Greatest Things Since Trail Cams

Wolf River Cam

Get in on the action and watch live underwater sturgeon spawning cameras along the Wolf River in Wisconsin. See the “dinosaurs” do their mating dance.

Wolf River Cam‘s motto is, “One look and You’re Hooked!” This project has been providing a unique up close and personal perspective on the spawning habits of sturgeon and other underwater creatures on the Winnebago system since 2009.

With advances in underwater cameras and technology, you are able to witness fish migrations and spawning behavior from your own computer. Cameras are set up along the Winnebago River System, at six different locations. With two in Shiocton, one each in New London, Fremont, four in Bamboo Bend, and culminating at the Shawano Dam, the cameras have the major spots pretty well covered.

As I was writing this I scanned the cameras again and saw a couple of bass and what looked like a walleye in the Shiocton 1 camera, and sturgeon on one of the Bamboo Bend cameras, and several sturgeon working in front of the Shawano Dam camera.

wolf river cam
Wolf River Cam

The site indicates that they expect a good viewing year, with warmer temperatures and plenty of precipitation.

It should be note that the Wolf River Cam project also has cameras set up over an eagles nest and an owl’s nesting box. The eagles nest looks to have at least two fledglings in it, as does the great horned owl’s nest box. The owl, by the way, is named Ms Harvey.

You can also check out the Wolf River Cam’s Facebook page for updates, above water photographs and spawning information. This is a fantastic service provided to anglers and nature lovers. Outdoor enthusiasts can see what’s going down on the Wolf River anytime they care to open their viewing screens and check it out.


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Live Sturgeon Spawning Cams Are Greatest Things Since Trail Cams