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Lonely Salmon Washed into Scottish Golf Course Bunker

Daily Mail

Scottish golf course employees find live salmon swimming around sand trap!

After a storm flooded Peterculter Golf Club in Scotland, a greens keeper found something besides your average golfer stuck in the sand trap. It was a salmon from the nearby river, and it was still alive!

The trapped fish was first discovered by greenskeeper Dylan Meinen on Monday morning, in the wake of Storm Desmond that devastated most of the United Kingdom. The discovery of the five or six pound fish came as quite the surprise to him and other employees. “I couldn’t really believe what I was seeing, so I phoned the course manager to tell him and he thought I was winding him up,” Meinen told the Daily Mail.

Fortunately for this lucky salmon, Meinen and his co-workers were able to mount a rescue and capture and transport the wayward salmon back to the nearby river. Good thing they had the camera, because this is one fish and golf story nobody would have believed.

Don’t feel too bad little salmon, many humans, myself included easily get trapped in the bunkers while golfing and have a hard time getting out ourselves!

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Lonely Salmon Washed into Scottish Golf Course Bunker