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U.K. Angler Snags Historic Catch with a Live WWII Bomb on His Line [VIDEO]

fisherman hooks bomb

A British surf fisherman snagged the catch of a lifetime this week: a WWII bomb!

The explosive grabbed Barish Odemis‘ fishing tackle, and thankfully he realized that it looked suspicious.

In an ill-advised, yet noble maneuver, he transported the device to a lonely section of beach where he then notified authorities. They, of course, blew it up.

“They agreed that it was suspicious and an army bomb disposal team was called to deal with it,” Odemis stated.

Police cordoned off the area, and Royal Logistic Corps Bomb Disposal agents buried the device before setting it off via remote control.

There was definitely still some power remaining in the decades-old live WWII bomb. Had it gone off near a bystander, the results would not have been nearly as pleasing.

A handful of other live explosives from the same era have turned up on that particular section of beach. Thankfully, all have been similarly disposed of, with no harm befalling locals.

Brean Beach is the site of Brean Down Fort, built in the 1860s near Somerset, England. Friendly fire destroyed the fort in 1900, where it sat unused until WWII, then rebuilt to include two, 6-inch naval guns. It remained in service until the end of the War in 1945.

Oh, the stories that WWII bomb could tell.

Have you ever caught anything as strange as unexploded ordnance? Tell us about it! We love crazy catches.

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U.K. Angler Snags Historic Catch with a Live WWII Bomb on His Line [VIDEO]