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Little Seal Escapes Killer Whale Pod in the Greatest of Ways


An amazing little seal avoids being eaten by a pod of killer whales after jumping aboard a fishing vessel.

Watch in amazement as this small sea mammal jumps onto a boat full of humans to avoid being eaten. After seeing the way it scrambles out of the water, you’ll have to decide whose side you’re on: the seal’s or the killer whales’.

In the natural world, it’s kill and eat or go hungry. Here are some orcas that missed out on dinner this time around.

Warning: explicit language

It’s a very heartwarming video seeing that little seal, with its big, sad eyes, escape the clutches of the big, bad killer whales.

Now, take a breath people.

‘Free Willy’ isn’t going to stop hunting seals. If you want to be glad that this one small seal made it to safety, that’s fine, but don’t root for whales to stop hunting, killing, and eating them.

The people that are so worried for the little seal are the same one’s that are screaming for the parks to release all the captive orcas which, by the way, is also a good idea.

You going to follow them around and feed them? I didn’t think so. Should we stop helping animals in need? Of course not. Just remember that they’re not humans and have been taking care of themselves since long before people started putting twin Mercruisers on their boats.


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Little Seal Escapes Killer Whale Pod in the Greatest of Ways