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Little Girl's Reaction to Her First Fish is Priceless [VIDEO]

Can you remember the first fish you ever caught?

It's probably safe to say that your reaction was not nearly as epic as this little girl's. Thankfully the camera was rolling to capture this moment, because it is pretty awesome.

It's not always screaming for joy when you reel in your first fish; this poor little girl is absolutely terrified of the fish she just caught, and she is letting everyone within a couple miles how she feels about it.

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When you take your daughter out for her first fishing excursion, you may not get quite the reaction your were hoping for, but it makes for one heck of an experience, even if she won't be fishing again any time soon.

Hopefully next time she is a little more prepared for that little flapping fish that she pulls out of the water...

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Little Girl's Reaction to Her First Fish is Priceless [VIDEO]