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Little Girl Really Wants to Get a Pig With an AR-15 [VIDEO]

Although she'd love to shoot a buck, this young lady really, really wants to see if she can get a pig with an AR-15.

There are two things every hunter knows: there's no greater joy in the outdoors than introducing a young person to hunting, and pigs are a nuisance that should be eradicated.

Jeremy Helm, a dad and an avid outdoorsman, found a way to combine the two.



While there is much debate over what is an appropriate caliber for hog hunting, especially in the AR platform, there's no doubt that this boar doesn't run far. From what we can tell from this dad's YouTube channel, this young lady is one experienced hunter.

Nothing warms the heart like seeing a father and daughter bond through time spent in the outdoors... or seeing a big boar get what's coming to him. Bravo, sir, for sharing your passion for hunting with the next generation.


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Little Girl Really Wants to Get a Pig With an AR-15 [VIDEO]