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Little Girl Goes Squirrel Hunting, with a Recipe or Two to Boot!

squirrel hunting

If you want to learn a thing or two about raising the next generation of hunters, take note. This dad is doing it right.

Uploaded by popular demand to her dad’s YouTube channel, Julia sets out on a squirrel hunt armed with her Remington 870 Compact Junior and trusty four-legged sidekick.

After a successful red squirrel hunt, Julia invites you into her kitchen where she prepares a delicious squirrel recipe with step-by-step instructions from start to finish. Oh, and did we mention she’s only 10 years old?

I have fond memories squirrel hunting with my dad as a young girl. So, I can say from experience that this video is about far more than hunting.

Though Julia is an impressive shot, what’s even more impressive is her discipline, patience, love for the sport, firearm awareness and safety and respect for the animal that is fueling her body.

In fact, I’ve been in the woods with  a few adults that could learn a thing or two from Julia.

From clay shooting to partridge hunting, you can follow all of Julia’s outdoor adventures on her dad’s YouTube channel.



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Little Girl Goes Squirrel Hunting, with a Recipe or Two to Boot!