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Little Girl, Big Snook: Shore Fishing at Its Finest

It’s ladies first when you’re shore fishing for snook and this little girl has all the skills necessary to put one on the beach!

Here’s a young lady that has been well schooled by her dad in the ways of handling surf-fishing gear and it shows.

Everybody had to start somewhere and even though the rig she’s using might be a little big for her she owns it like a pro!

There’s never a doubt in the world as to whether this girl is going to grow up loving to fish, now watch her put a beautiful snook on the shore.

Cheers to these good people for sharing their fishing experience publicly so the rest of us can enjoy it right with them!

Great job by dad for coaching, but not reaching! I love the hands off approach; I mean if they need help you’ll know it. This little lady has plenty of strength and stamina for a fish that size and she certainly knows how to handle a surf-casting rig!

Congratulations young lady and get ready to take a lot more picture like this in the future!



You Can’t Handle the Cuteness That Is This Little Girl Fishing


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Little Girl, Big Snook: Shore Fishing at Its Finest