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Little Boy Isn’t Ready for How Slippery This Big Ol’ Bass Is

Remember the first time you held a bass? You probably didn’t like it too much, either.

This little boy will one day learn that the ickiness of holding a fish is something you can only do once you catch it. By that point, you become grateful to reel in anything that moves.

But still, we won’t act like this little boy is out of line for just tossing that big ol’ bass back in the lake. When you’re not expecting the ick, you just gotta get it out of your hands as quickly as possible.

I appreciate that this video is captioned, “One day he will learn!” With a catch like that, it seems like this little guy has got an excellent angler dad to learn from.

The lunker he caught was almost as big as the little boy’s body and hey, it’s okay he tossed it back in. Kids will be kids. He wasn’t expecting the sliminess of the fish, that’s for sure. And who can blame him, really?

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Little Boy Isn’t Ready for How Slippery This Big Ol’ Bass Is