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Lefty Kreh Talks About the 'Most Ferocious Fish’ He Ever Caught

Lefty Kreh is a pioneer of saltwater fly fishing. He's caught most every type of fish you can on a fly.

Kreh spent five weeks in Australia fishing and filming in 1987. During that time, his guides told him about this ferocious fish.

The most ferocious he ever caught? The Niugini black bass.

His guides had also spent a lot of time playing pranks. Kreh was dubious when they started outfitting rods and reels with upwards of 60-pound line and the strongest hooks they could find.

The guide said the fish would only fight for two minutes then give up, but it would be the strongest fight he ever encountered. Kreh only put 20-pound test on his rod and reel. He let a guide go first to see if it was a joke. The guide threw his fly under a tree where the fish would be. Kreh saw a green flash strike the fly, and the boat driver gunned the motor.

The fish snapped the line. Kreh quickly put on heavier line and a stronger hook after a couple failed attempts, Kreh held onto the fish, the driver was able to pull it from under the tree into open water and Kreh held on for two minutes.

The ferocious fish finally gave up.

Kreh puts it this way, "It was the damnedest two minutes I ever had on a fly rod."


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Lefty Kreh Talks About the 'Most Ferocious Fish’ He Ever Caught