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Listen to a Naturalized American’s Views on Gun Control

A Chinese-born American citizen sees the flaws with gun control arguments at a public hearing. He poses no new ideas, but gives a unique viewpoint on the issue.

Gun control is one of the most volatile and heated topics in America today. We hear lots of pundits on both sides of the issue spouting forth supposed facts and figures, but this video ought to serve as an eye-opener. It’s an older video, but well worth the watch.

Born in China, this gentleman chose to become an American. As he puts it, he’s a “legal immigrant” who is “an American by choice.”

His argument is in-step with many pro-gun, pro-Constitution citizens. With guns as such an important part of American history, why is that the large numbers of mass shootings is such a relatively new problem?

He contends the unraveling of society and “societal decline” is the culprit.

I found the most compelling part of his argument the fact that he actually used documented statements and position papers to defend his stance and comments. Perhaps there are others, on both sides of the aisle, that could learn from this knowledgeable American.


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Listen to a Naturalized American’s Views on Gun Control