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Listen to Michael Waddell if You Care About Your Right to Hunt [VIDEO]

michael waddell

If you’re a hunter and are proud of your sport, you need to see this great message from Michael Waddell.

Given the recent overblown media coverage of trophy hunting and Cecil the lion, we need to put things back into perspective a little. Michael Waddell, from Bone Collector, does exactly that with his message about our duty as hunters to protect our right to hunt.

Do you enjoy getting outdoors chasing whitetails around the woods? Do you live for the call of a big tom gobbling back at you in the pre-dawn light?

You’d better pay attention to the video below to learn what you need to do to protect our sport.

Michael Waddell hits the nail on the head for this issue, in my opinion. The controversy that this one event (Cecil allegations) created is proof that anti-hunting groups can and will influence the world through social media and other avenues. Nobody agrees with unethical hunting practices or poaching, as was alleged of the U.S. hunter in this case.

However, we also can’t start making blanket assumptions that all trophy hunting is bad. If that starts, allegations will fly that all hunting is bad, and that we should eliminate all hunting practices due to the actions of a few.

We can’t (or shouldn’t) do that about any other issue, so what’s different about hunting?

Michael sums up the issue perfectly by stating that we, as hunters who are passionate about our sport, cannot stay silent about the Cecil the lion event or any future events involving unethical practices. Because if we don’t speak up, our silence is the same as admitting that we should ban the whole thing.

Instead, we need to stand up as a community and voice our concern over such practices. We need to reiterate that one poaching case does not reflect the entire hunting community. Additionally, we need to show the world that hunting does in fact help wildlife populations in the long-run.

Thanks, Michael Waddell for this great and timely message. Let’s stand together on this issue, folks. If we don’t, we risk losing one of our most cherished traditions.

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Listen to Michael Waddell if You Care About Your Right to Hunt [VIDEO]