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Listen to the Haunting Sounds of the Loon [VIDEO]

The sounds of the common loon is anything but.

If you ever once hear the eerie call of the loon on a north woods lake, you’ll forever long to hear it again.

The beauty of the north woods, the bald eagles soaring overhead and pike biting the bait are all things that memories are made of, but the call of the common loon is indelible on the psyche of everyone that hears it.

This video makes me long for a return to the north woods lakes of Ontario and Minnesota. The loon is a beautiful and majestic bird, but more than that, it is an icon of the wildness of its home terrain.

There is little more satisfying than to find a small island in the middle of a lake (to escape the bites of the bugs), set up camp, sit around the campfire and listen to the haunting calls of the male loon. This is a trip everyone should make.

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Listen to the Haunting Sounds of the Loon [VIDEO]