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Liquid Metal Bullets Are Amazing to See in Action

liquid metal bullets
Image via Screenshot

Some of these shots seem remarkably unsafe, but the liquid metal bullets are absolutely astonishing. 

Weapons and bullets have advanced quite dramatically over the years. As new technology and new equipment has become available, more research has gone into development and the results have been quite astounding.

But, thanks to the Backyard Scientist, we can now see what it looks like to have liquid metal bullets. He has created and tested a sodium, a potassium, and a sodium/potassium liquid alloy bullet for testing and the results are amazing.

The takeaway for us is that those rounds will do some unbelievable damage to a soft target.

Aside from the amazing show you can put on by shooting fruits, home defense comes to mind as a potential use for this type of ammunition, though it would probably require some more study and research to find out any additional effect on the firing before you trust your life to them.

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Liquid Metal Bullets Are Amazing to See in Action