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Lions Take Down a Meal in the Middle of the Road [VIDEO]

middle of the road

What happens when lions get hungry? They take down a meal wherever they are, even if it’s in the middle of the road.

When a lion gets hungry, it doesn’t care who or what is in the way, he does whatever he can to take down a meal.

That is exactly what happens in the following video. There are cars all around driving down the road when a couple of lions take down a meal in the middle of the road.

There has actually been quite a bit of controversy over this video, and not just because of the questionable camera work.

A lot of people are saying that the car that the video was shot from actually caused the death of the buck by being in its way.

You can see that because of where the car is parked that the prey has to run in a way that would not be his natural escape path and this caused him to slip on the road which lead to its ultimate demise.

Does that necessarily mean that the car in question caused the death of this animal?

I don’t think you can say for sure either way. There is a great chance that even if there were no cars or roads for miles around the lions would have still landed their prey, but you can argue that the road did in fact cause this particular chase to end sooner rather than later.

Either way, this is an example of the natural order of things. Whether you like it or not, animals hunt and kill for survival and this is an example of them doing just that.

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Lions Take Down a Meal in the Middle of the Road [VIDEO]