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Lions Take Down Antelope Right Next to Tourist Vehicles in African National Park [PICS]

All images from The Daily Mail Online

You can’t get much closer than this without becoming prey yourself! 

An early-morning drive through South Africa’s Kruger National Park yielded some photographs of a lifetime for 23-year-old Briton Carolyn Dunford, a veterinary intern with the park.

Dunford had been driving through the park for a while Friday morning when she encountered a traffic backup. It didn’t take long to see why people were stopping. She told “The Daily Mail” she first noticed one of the lions in the road preparing to pounce on the kudu antelope that was hiding in the brush.

“The kudu burst from the bushes and the lions chased it into the cars,” Dunford told reporters. “The first lion grabbed onto its back and the second came in and grabbed its throat. They both tackled it.”


The lions came out in the road before the kudu was startled out into traffic.


The kudu stumbled into the backed-up traffic. Why did that woman have her window open?



The lions teamed up to bring down the kudu right in front of the stunned tourists.


The kudu was finally subdued right in front of tourist’s vehicles.



It appears that final bite was what ended it for the kudu.


The lions seemed satisfied with the kill.


The lions then began eating their prize right in the middle of the road as tourists looked on.


The lions finally dragged their prize away from the road.

Dunford has worked in South Africa with big cats for a year now. She told the “Daily Mail” she found the scene more interesting than terrifying.

“For me, it was really fascinating to watch a lion hunt,” Dunford said. “It was a privilege to see it happen and the power of the lions.”

Her amazing photos quickly spread like wildfire after she shared them on social media.

It’s pretty safe to say the experience isn’t something Dunford, or the tourists in the other vehicles are likely to soon forget!

All images from The Daily Mail Online

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Lions Take Down Antelope Right Next to Tourist Vehicles in African National Park [PICS]