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Lions Steal GoPro and Get Some Interesting Footage

African lions pop a GoPro camera into their jaws and get some great footage, which is not at all what the photographer intended.

When Massimo Da Silva placed his GoPro camera on the ground near a pride of lions, he got much more than he originally bargained for. The lions quickly picked up the small camera and carried it off, getting some very cool pictures in the process.

The lions were part of the Avoca pride in the Timbavati Game Reserve, South Africa. They apparently decided that they could get better shots on their own, and so they swiped the camera and began filming from the perspective of lion as director.

We get a fantastic view of the inside of a lion’s mouth, another lion yawning, and even the humans who were looking at the pride.

Da Silva said that he was worried that he has lost his GoPro camera permanently to the lions. “Very exciting and worrying at the time. There goes my GoPro,” he recounted.

Upon returning to the site they found were surprised to find the GoPro intact and working. It had several puncture marks from the teeth of the lions but still worked!

“It still works 100%. We tested it, we put the SD card in, we found that it still records. It was quite fascinating that this little piece of equipment still performs even though it was being chowed by a lion!” he laughed.

“There were some words said from me when the GoPro went that I won’t be able to say on camera,” Da Silva said.

All’s well that ends well.



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Lions Steal GoPro and Get Some Interesting Footage