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Lions Play Tug-of-War with Loose Tow Rope [VIDEO]

Tourists in South Africa get more than they bargained for when lions pull their vehicle playing tug-of-war. 

Lions are just big cats, right? After viewing this video, there is no doubt about it. During a tour at Greater Kruger National Park a loose tow rope created a fun-filled day for lions and tourists.

Check out these big cats playing tug-of-war with safari vehicles.

The experience created a memorable and surprising moment for everyone there. The lions were playing with the tow rope just like a house cat would play with string.

This video could have gone a lot differently with open vehicles and a pride of lions in the area, but thankfully it was a joyful moment and the lions got to play a little.

I guess everyone can enjoy a game of tug-of-war and cats will simply be cats.

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Lions Play Tug-of-War with Loose Tow Rope [VIDEO]