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Lionfish Inhaled by Grouper in First Recorded Open Water Attack [VIDEO]

Lionfish University

A lionfish is turned into a quick meal by this large grouper. Check out this exclusive video.

A first-of-its-kind video has surfaced from the Cayman Islands in the Carribean.

In the video you can see an invasive lionfish minding its own business while making its unwelcome self at home on a tropical reef. That is, until the native grouper comes out to investigate what the lionfish was up too.


The hometown grouper quickly begins sizing up the intruding lionfish, with each pass getting closer and each bump getting harder. Then it drives the flared up lionfish toward the surface, where it delivers a blow to stun the animal before inhaling it in one mighty gulp.

Lionfish University obtained this footage from a dive that happened on Feb. 1, 2015, in what is believed to be the first confirmed footage of a lionfish being preyed upon by a native species. The university was setup to help raise awareness of the growing ecological problem that the lionfish is presenting in the West Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean regions of the world.

The lionfish was introduced into these waters likely from the Indo-Pacific by aquarium owners who owned them as pets. Instead of killing the fish when they outgrow the tank or donating it to a place that can harbor the fish, the owners released them into the waters in the region, where against all odds they have flourished.

Groupers, and other predatory native fish, may be our best defense against lion fish for the time being.

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Lionfish Inhaled by Grouper in First Recorded Open Water Attack [VIDEO]