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Watch This Lioness Give the King of the Jungle Fright of His Life


Some careful stalking was all it took for a lioness to give the king of the jungle quite a fright.

The male lion, with his full flowing mane and ear-splitting roar, is usually thought of as a fearless creature. The lion truly seems to deserve the title of king. However, this video goes to show that even the toughest of animals can still get scared. The lion in this video is probably a little more aware of this particular lioness now.

Check out the video below to see what happens.

The male lion in the video is enjoying some relaxation time in the African sun. Unbeknownst to him, a lioness is behind him in the shadows and slowly creeping towards him. She almost seems to be practicing her stalking skills on the male lion who has no idea what exactly is going on behind him. The lioness places one paw slowly in front of the other as she nears her target.

She then pauses with her paw right next to the lion’s rear end as if she is reconsidering her decision to scare the mighty beast. One little tap from the lioness is all it takes to send the lion leaping to his feet in startled surprise.

After being scared, the lion immediately tries to act tough with the other big cat. He lets out a couple of growls and lunges at her before trotting off to try and find his pride. Pun intended.

The interactions of wildlife are really amazing to see sometimes and this video is definitely a perfect example of that.


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Watch This Lioness Give the King of the Jungle Fright of His Life