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Lion Whisperer Plays With King of the Jungle [VIDEO]

This incredible video filmed using GoPro cameras shows a lion whisperer taming, cuddling and playing with African lions and hyenas.

Kevin Richardson, a 39-year-old animal behaviorist from Johannesburg, South Africa, captured himself playing, wrestling and cuddling with wild lions and hyenas on his wildlife reserve near Praetoria. To become a Lion Whisperer, Richardson had to spend years living with the creatures, eating and feeding as they do.

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The video’s 15 minutes long, but most of the best footage is at the beginning. Richardson talks about his relationship to the animals and the techniques he used to train them throughout the film. Here it is:


That’s the kind of animal/human interaction that amazes us. How are people like Richardson able to earn the trust of these magnificent beasts, so much so that he can fully engage them in what seems to be blurring the line between playing and wrestling?

We’ll tally this one as a one-of-a-kind depiction of the closeness that can develop between man and beast.

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Lion Whisperer Plays With King of the Jungle [VIDEO]