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Lion Uses Hippo Carcass as Life Raft and Snack Bar

A South African lion almost gets swept away in rushing river but makes clever use of a hippo carcass as an edible life raft.

Tourists in South Africa’s Kruger National Park came across a lion who braved the fast-flowing Sabi River to chow down on a hippo carcass stuck in the rapids.

However, as the narrator suggests, the lion underestimated the strength of the current. It loses its grip and slides off the carcass and into the river, with all but its head getting sucked under the rushing water.

Somehow the big cat manages to stabilize itself and gets a grip on the river bottom, before struggling to work its way back to the hippo carcass.

The lion claws itself up the side of the gnarly-looking corpse, looking every bit like a survivor in a sea disaster movie scrambling up and onto a rubber raft.

The beast secures itself to the grisly raft, and then decides, “What the heck, I’m hungry!” before doing what he came for in the first place: eat dinner!

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Lion Uses Hippo Carcass as Life Raft and Snack Bar