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This Lion Has Soccer Skills Too [VIDEO]

A male lion at Johannesburg Zoo was given a soccer ball and no one expected this to happen.

What happens when you give a lion a soccer ball? Most would assume that absolutely nothing would happen, and in most cases they’re right. However, one lion knew exactly what to do once the ball was in his reach.

Triton, an 11-year-old male white lion at Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa, is ready to play as soon as the ball is presented. Once the ball is thrown his way, he takes over and shows off his soccer skills by passing it around by himself, tossing it into the water, and pawing his way through the game.

The zookeepers first passed him the ball when they noticed that he wasn’t active anymore. Being that the other lions showed no interest, they really didn’t expect that he would respond in such an adorable way.

I would say he is ready for the World Cup. What about you?

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This Lion Has Soccer Skills Too [VIDEO]