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What Can We Learn From This Mountain Lion in Iowa? [VIDEO]

Check out this story about a mountain lion in Iowa.

In October 2012, a mountain lion was shot in Iowa while prowling only yards from a elementary school in Des Moines.

It was not the first to be seen in the area, and likely won’t be the last. Watch this video news report from KCCI.

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Local Des Moines police were forced to shoot this lion with regards to public safety. Since 2000, there have been over 1,000 sightings reported to the local police and DNR offices.

The Iowa DNR has confirmed three mountain lions shot in Iowa, and the DNA testing shows them to be of the western origin.

What does this mean for you? Although mountain lions look and seem like they are extremely dangerous animals, there have been less than 19 reported deaths in the last 15o years, none of which occurred in Iowa.

Mountain lions found in the woods or other areas are likely to hear you coming and flee the area. They are not confrontational unless you are invading their den or around their young right after birth. If you are hunting in the Midwest, you might take a little extra precaution and watch for animals that might make you a little less than the top of the food chain.

The Iowa DNR says that these cats are likely to have traveled from South Dakota and will not remain in the area due to weather conditions and their normal habits. But they also suggest some really good tips in the event you should run across a mountain lion.

  1. DON’T RUN!
  2. Stand tall, look big, puff up, lift your coat over your shoulders.
  3. Take control of the situation. Scream loudly, throw objects.
  4. Gather children in close and slowly back away keeping your eye on the animal.
  5. If attacked, fight back vigorously with sharp objects and poke the eyes of the animal.

Have anything to add to this story? Ever encountered a midwestern mountain lion?

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What Can We Learn From This Mountain Lion in Iowa? [VIDEO]