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Lion Picks a Fight with the Wrong Zebra [VIDEO]

Sometimes it takes a little more than just catching your prey to get your dinner.

Most times when a lion catches a zebra in the wild, the zebra is the lion's next meal. Sometimes, the zebra has other plans.

A well-placed kick from a zebra or a lucky break can put a quick end to what looked to be a successful hunt.

This zebra in this video takes a different approach to defeat its attacker.


Drowning your attacker is definitely one way to get them to let go of your face.

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, the zebra is off like a shot as soon as the lion lets go. The zebra gets to live another day, and the lion has to explain how she got her butt kicked by dinner.

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Lion Picks a Fight with the Wrong Zebra [VIDEO]