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"Lion Meat Is Toxic," and More Anti-Hunting Jibberish on Dr. Drew [VIDEO]

Did you also know that grizzly bear populations are increasing because hunters have killed off all of the predators of grizzly bears? 

I know that you're scratching your head right now and thinking "What!? Are you nuts? What in the world are you talking about?"

Well, that's exactly what a couple of overbearing anti-hunting animal rights activists claimed recently on the Dr. Drew show.

The topic of the day centered around the Cecil the lion story, but really enveloped sport hunting in general and its role in conservation. I knew that bowhunter Cameron Hanes was going to be one of the guests, which is why I watched this particular episode via post-show video (I'd never seen the Dr. Drew show before now).

But even a thoughtful and well-spoken hunting representative like Hanes had his work cut out for him as the other panelists had him outnumbered and outgunned in the "loud and obnoxious" department.

Rather than describe the "conversation" for you, just watch the video of the exchange, and do your best to avoid having your head explode from some of the claims being uttered by some on the panel, particularly the two anti-hunting women sitting across from Dr. Drew.

Even though Cameron Hanes was interrupted and effectively shouted down by the two anti-hunting female guests on the panel, he more than held his own with his composure, politeness and common sense replies to every question he was asked.

There are very few mainstream media shows where a hunter will ever be given fair and equal treatment. The reality is that most mainstream media shows are populated by folks with either a decidedly anti-hunting point-of-view or one in which hunting is a strange and foreign concept.

Hats off to Cameron Hanes for braving those swirling waters, and acquitting himself well. A tip of the hat as well to U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance president and CEO Nick Pinizzotto, who also appeared just a few days ago on the CBS This Morning show to talk about the same subject.

Both Hanes and Pinizzotto are great representatives of our way of life.

And no, lion meat is definitely not toxic and there never have been any non-human predators of grizzly bears.

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"Lion Meat Is Toxic," and More Anti-Hunting Jibberish on Dr. Drew [VIDEO]