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Lion Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against Four Rivals [VIDEO]

This lion doesn’t stand a chance when he gets outnumbered, brutally mutilated, and then killed.

When the video begins, the lion has clearly already taken a beating and is wounded pretty badly. It seems as though the camera starts rolling when the other four lions who want him dead come to finish the job.

This video shows the brutality of nature and the viciousness of wild animals. Unfortunately this lion doesn’t stand a chance.

WARNING: This video is graphic and violent in nature.  

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It’s definitely a sad sight to see when four lions gang up on another, and hearing the defeated lions roar get weaker and weaker as the mauling progressed is just the circle of life.

It’s a harsh world for an unwanted male lion in the wild. Fighting to the death is a common occurrence, but not too often captured on video like this.

Like many wild animals, they are territorial, and if you are unwanted…sticking around can be deadly.


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Lion Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against Four Rivals [VIDEO]