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Lion Cub Tries to Eat a Buffalo From the Inside Out and Gets Stuck In Its Butt [VIDEO]

This poor lion cub got a little bit more than it bargained for when it tried to eat a buffalo and got stuck... in its rear end.

Nature can be cruel. Nature can be unpredictable. Nature can be inappropriate.

Here we see a fine example of Mother Nature's raunchy sense of humor when a lion cub tries to have a meal and gets stuck in its dinner's butthole.

The commentary is pretty entertaining. The safari tour group watching doesn't know if it is appropriate to laugh, or be concerned; whether to help, or let nature take its course.

In the beginning we hear a troubled safari trekker whisper, "That's an awkward place to be."

We then hear the knowledgeable guide comfort the viewers and try to make jokes. He tries to be scientific and talks about lion's feeding habits and when the pride allows which members to feed. He seems to be trying very hard to come up with educational content when the lion cub is wriggling around inside a buffalo directly in front of him.

The cub struggles to get its head out of the back-end of the dead buffalo. Rigor mortis may have set in.

The mother lioness, finally, comes to see what her knuckehead cub got itself into. Literally. There's nothing she could do. Or she just wanted to teach it a lesson to not stick its nose where it doesn't belong. Curiosity killed the cat, they say.

The video keeps filming the suffocating cub, when a woman decides she really wants a selfie with the scene as her background. It will get a lot of "likes," sure, but really...?

Apparently the group returned to the location the next morning, and the lionesses had eaten through the buffalo's stomach to free the lion cub.

"The cub looked fine, he just had a collar of blood around his neck, so you could tell it was him!" says the video uploader in the comments.

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Lion Cub Tries to Eat a Buffalo From the Inside Out and Gets Stuck In Its Butt [VIDEO]