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Lion Charge: Bowhunter Needs Backup for Close Encounter [VIDEO]

This bowhunter was glad to have some firepower on his side, because only having a bow in your hand during a lion charge may not have a happy ending.

When this hunter lets his arrow fly, the lion immediately spins around and charges right towards him, and after a bowhunter shoots his arrow he doesn’t have the time to make another shot.

Luckily, the other hunters with guns were able to make an accurate shot to put a stop to the lion charge.


Hunting in Africa comes with a wide variety of dangers, and when you hunt lions, you are taking that danger to the next level. Hunting lions with guns is dangerous in itself, but if you’re bowhunting lions, you need to make sure you have firearms with you that can stop a lion charge.

Recently, trophy hunting in Africa, and lion hunting in particular, has been under heavy attack from anti-hunters because of all the attention that social media can bring. With a few clicks here and a few clicks there, before you know it your hunting images can be shared with millions of people, and we all know we have more than enough anti-hunters in the world.

Hunting plays a big part of conservation in Africa, as it does everywhere in the world. As long as we are hunting legally, hunters should rest easy knowing they are doing their part to help keep populations under control, despite what an anti-hunter’s opinion might be.

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Lion Charge: Bowhunter Needs Backup for Close Encounter [VIDEO]