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Lion Catches Fleeing Antelope in Mid-Air Ambush [VIDEO]

A leaping lion catches an antelope in this incredible mid-air ambush caught on camera in South Africa’s Shamwari Game Reserve.

In the clip below, a pair of lions perched in tall grass on the top of a ridge ambush an unsuspecting antelope. When the antelope sees the first lioness, it makes a daring leap backwards over the cliff.

Not ready to let her dinner escape, lioness number two makes a bold leap over the cliff to catch the fleeing antelope in a mid-air attack.

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The daring ambush was caught on camera by a safari tourist in the park. Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

Sometimes bold moves warrant big returns, and in the case of this lioness, her daring move paid off. The pair didn’t waste any time dragging the antelope off to enjoy a hard won meal.


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Lion Catches Fleeing Antelope in Mid-Air Ambush [VIDEO]