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Lingerie Ad or Boat Commercial? You Decide [VIDEO]

This boat is moving fast. So fast, in fact, the driver is liable to lose his shirt! This is a pretty hilarious boat commercial. 

If you spend enough time driving a boat at high speeds, you’re likely to lose a hat eventually. Most of us just laugh it off like the passenger in the video, but if you lose more than a hat, the situation can become a bit awkward.

Hilarious, but awkward.

Check out this boat commercial for Evinrude.

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We’re not sure how well this video helps promote Evinrude, but one thing is for sure: The passenger needs to find a new fishing partner.

And the driver, well, he needs to find clothes with stronger seams. Maybe he has a sponsorship deal with Victoria’s Secret.

We don’t want to know.

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Lingerie Ad or Boat Commercial? You Decide [VIDEO]