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Lingcod vs. Chinook Battle Caught on Film

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This lingcod vs. chinook battle caught on film gives a peak into the fierce nature of the ocean deep.

In a battle royale bottom fish brawl, this chinook stepped into the ring with the wrong ling.

Peter Mieras, with Rendezvous Dive Adventures captured this video of a lingcod fighting to hold on to a chinook salmon during the summer on a site where they see a few lingcod, but not in huge numbers.

Peter's wife was on boat watch and he went diving with one of his customers on his dive charter business in Barkley Sound near Vancouver Island. This particular customer just so happened to be a salmon researcher. Diving around 60 feet on the reef, the two saw an octopus out in the open, a wolf-eel swimming and many colorful sea slugs.

The highlight of the trip came when they spotted what seemed a flasher from a downrigger set up. After noticing the flash wasn't moving in either direction, they dove another 25 feet and noticed the flashing was the silver side of the salmon trying to get away. Realizing how rare this was, Mieras started filming.

He tried not to interfere, estimating the lingcod at five feet long. The bottomfish had the salmon T-boned, and couldn't quite get it down. The sharp teeth of the lingcod had a firm grip on the chinook, but the salmon eventually managed to break free during the fight for its freedom. The ling cod seemed to finally figure out that he couldn't get his meal down sideways.

Wildlife and underwater cameraman, Mieras explains his ethical decision making process,

"It is my policy not to interfere when nature does its thing. A stranded or entangled whale is something different, but this is natural behavior. So I just observed and recorded the footage."

Some might wonder if Mieras interfered with the ling cod, causing it to lose its meal. Some might wonder why not help the salmon free itself? Some might wonder why not spear them both? His explanation answers it all.


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Lingcod vs. Chinook Battle Caught on Film