Finders Keepers is one of Lincoln City’s defining events where you can find treasures from Roads End to Siletz Bay. Ever year from mid-October through Memorial Day we drop nearly 3,000 handcrafted glass floats made by local artisans for you to find and keep! An army of “Float Fairies” will covertly travel along seven miles of public beach hiding handcrafted glass floats along their way.

Keep in mind that the participating artists put a lot of energy into making this event happen. Be sure to thank them for their efforts and view their work in participating galleries along the Oregon Coast.

Rahman Anderson shapes glass in the studio with the doors open to Highway 101 in the background

Alder House Glassblowing: Treasure Collupy, Lincoln City, OR
The Edge Art Gallery: Ryan Bledsoe and Amanda Williams, Newport, OR
Fernhill Glass: Claude Kurtz, Astoria, OR
Flanigans Glass Gallery: Brett Flanigan, Lincoln City, OR
Gathering Glass Studio: Keith Gabor, Ashland, OR
Glass Oasis: Paris Birdwell, Otis, OR
Glass Quest: Mark and Marcus Ellinger, Stanwood, WA
Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio: Kelly Howard, Jon Meyers, Daniel Millen, and James Benson, Lincoln City, OR
Oregon Coast Glassworks: William Murphy, Newport, OR
Mor Art: Dan Watts and Maurice Martinez, Lincoln City, OR
Glass Confusion: Marcia Glenn, Lincoln City, OR