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Over-the-Limit Fishermen Busted After Bragging on Facebook

over-the-limit fisherman

Texas game wardens were alerted after this over-the-limit catch was noticed by other anglers on Facebook.

Law-breakers are getting nabbed in increasing numbers after bragging about their crimes online. There was the deer poacher in Louisiana who was caught after posting his illegal deer kill to Facebook. And there was also people recently busted for trying to buy and sell venison online.

Now, two Texas fishermen have been busted because they posted their over-the-limit catch online.

When the fishermen's picture was posted online, others quickly noticed these guys had too many fish, and turned them over to authorities. Game wardens gave the two men 11 citations in total and they will have to pay fines of up to $500 per ticket plus restitution.

It seems some forget there are outdoorsmen and women out there who are more than willing to self-police their own if they see a violation.

You'd think the law-breakers and poachers would learn by now, law enforcement utilizes social media, too!

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Over-the-Limit Fishermen Busted After Bragging on Facebook