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Limb Lopper Makes Great Tool for Freeing Locked Bucks [VIDEO]

We see locked bucks all the time. Having a tree limb lopper on hand can help. 

Big bucks getting locked together is a regular occurrence, and with everyone’s phone doubling as a video camera, we are seeing more and more video surface of this happening.

These guys show the value a limb lopper while trying to free two bucks that have been locked together.

One buck has already met his fatal end, but they work diligently to free the other so that he may live.

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Hard work pays off, and having a limb lopper available enabled these guys to save the life of one of these bucks.

No matter how many times you see it, when you can prevent certain death and set one or both deer free, it’s a good feeling.

Nice work fellas.

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Limb Lopper Makes Great Tool for Freeing Locked Bucks [VIDEO]