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‘Limb Hanger’: A Motivational Story of How This Fabled Buck Finally Fell


Eric Top spent six years chasing ‘Limb Hanger.’ Listen to his motivational story of how he finally arrowed this brute of a buck.

Most hunters have a story about ‘the one’: that buck that has been elusive year after year, yet will tease with trail camera visits or sheds left in plain site. Eric Top has a great ‘the one’ story to tell, and after hearing it, you may just find that motivation to harvest your own ‘Limb Hanger.’

Hailing from Prince Edward County, Ontario, Eric Top has been a bowhunter for sixteen years. For six of those, he has been obsessed with a buck he named ‘Limb Hanger.’ But through those lean years, perseverance, positivity, and practice were the principles this seasoned hunter adhered to. In the end, he arrowed this 193.5″ trophy buck. It was a pursuit filled with highs and lows.

Here’s his story:

Limb Hanger – A 193.5″ Whitetail Archery Buck from Vantage Point Media House on Vimeo.

“The best thing that I can tell any bowhunter out there is, number one, persistence. And number two, don’t give up.”

Now, those are wise words.

Do any of our readers have a ‘Limb Hanger’ roaming the woods? What do you plan on doing differently this season to execute your hunt?

Deer hunting can be a roller coaster ride filled with good days and bad. One thing is for certain, though: it will never be boring.


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‘Limb Hanger’: A Motivational Story of How This Fabled Buck Finally Fell