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Likely to Pass Indiana Bill Would Tighten Restrictions on High-Fence Hunt Operations

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Travis Smola

The new Indiana bill would restrict operations in high-fence hunt facilities. 

High-fence hunt operations in Indiana may see new regulations and restrictions if a new bill becomes law.

Senate Bill 109, also known as the “Canned Hunting Bill” sets up new rules about the minimum sizes of such properties and also places bans on the shooting of animals that have recently been sedated according to Public News Service.

Under the bill, the Department of Natural Resources will no longer have oversight over the facilities as an animal health board is created instead.

Additional restrictions imposed by the bill would require properties to have eight foot fences and be at a minimum, 100 acres in size. Owners of the facilities are also required to report an animal escape with a 24-hour window.

While there are mostly restrictions added by the bill, more exotic species such as goats and sheep would be allowed. And as is often the case with high-fence facilities, there would be no bag limits within the boundaries. The actual dates animals could be harvested would however, be restricted to September through March.

There aren’t very many high-fence facilities in Indiana, but it appears the bill is the result of opponents who don’t feel the facilities are ethical.

“Right now we’ve got somewhere between five and seven of these very controversial facilities in the state and this would pave the way for an entire industry,” Jesse Kharbanda, director of the Hoosier Environmental Council told Public News Service.

The bill was sent to Indiana Governor Mike Pence about a week ago. If he signs it or takes no action, the new bill will become law in the Hoosier state.



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Likely to Pass Indiana Bill Would Tighten Restrictions on High-Fence Hunt Operations