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Like a Modern-Day Revenant, Russian Man Mauled by Bear Makes it Back to Camp

Reserve inspector manages to reach fishing camp after being mauled by bear like Hugh Glass from ‘The Revenant.’

Like a modern-day version of The Revenant, a Russian Reserve Inspector managed to ride his quad to a nearby camp after sustaining serious injuries from a bear attack.

On the day of the attack, the Inspector had been making his rounds through the Poronaysky Nature Reserve on Sakhalin Island.  He stopped near a wooded area when a brown bear rushed him. While he managed to shoot the bear with his rifle, it severely injured him before succumbing to the gun shot.

He suffered internal organ damage, lacerations to his arms and legs, and brain trauma.

After the attack, he managed to drag himself back onto his quad before riding to a nearby fishing camp on his patrol.

Fishermen put in a call for help and emergency crews rushed the man to a regional hospital.

After some extensive surgeries, he was induced into a coma to recover. He is currently listed under critical condition, but stable.

This is a huge reminder to us all as we enter into one of the busiest outdoor times of the year. Hunters, anglers, hikers, campers, and others need to be aware of their surroundings in bear country, especially as bears try to pack on the pounds before hibernation.


Tips for bear encounters:

While you should have bear spray on your person to help deter them in the event of an attack, that doesn’t always work. Unless you want to join “The Revenant club,” here are some tips for dealing with a bear encounter:

  • If you see the bear from a distance, stop immediately. Slowly make your way in the opposite direction until it is out of sight. If no other trails are available, wait at least 20 minutes before returning while making as much noise as possible.
  • If encountering a bear at close range, do not panic or run, as this could provoke an attack. Do not make any quick movements, but try to slowly back away while calmly talking to it. Put as much distance between yourself and the bear as possible before turning away from it.
  • When a bear charges, try not to panic as it could be a defensive bluff to scare you. If he does not stop short, you need to try to roll onto your stomach on contact. Immediately cover your head and neck. Keep your elbows and legs wide to help prevent it from flipping your over while remaining as still as possible. After the attack, do not move until you are absolutely sure the bear is out of the area.
  • The only time you should try to fight a bear is if a physical attack is persistent and does not end. This is no longer a defensive attack; it’s predatory. At that moment, you need to strike with all you have for the eyes, throat, and nose to end the encounter.

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Like a Modern-Day Revenant, Russian Man Mauled by Bear Makes it Back to Camp