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If You Like Clay Pigeon Shooting, You'll Love Helice [VIDEO]

Helice, a British shooting sport, adds a whole new element to clay pigeon shooting.

Helice was developed by a Belgian Count in the 1920s as a substitute for the recently banned live pigeon shoots. Also called ZZ, helice is a challenging and highly competitive sport.

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Helice, which stands for "propeller," was developed as an alternative for live pigeon shoots. The sport is also known as "ZZ," standing for Zinc Zoreto, the materials the original clay pigeons were made of.

You can see by this video that helice is anyone's game, with men, women, and children all competing for first place in the 2010 British grand prix.

So, if you are tired of shooting ordinary clay pigeons, why not give helice a try? Visit the U.S. Helice Association's website and see how you can get involved today.

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If You Like Clay Pigeon Shooting, You'll Love Helice [VIDEO]