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Lights, Camera, Frog Gigging! [VIDEO]

Images by Tim Kjellesvik

Enjoy some up close and personal frog gigging action without having to clean slimy duckweed off your legs.

Frog gigging season is on! The nights are warm and the weedy shallows resound with delicious amphibians. They’re just begging for the spotlight…so I obliged.

I outfitted my frog gig with a Garmin Virb action camera and an LED flashlight. The result? A deadly tool that allowed me to stick and get footage of each frog I made an attempt at. Check it out.

What they lacked in size, they made up for in numbers. I had these for lunch the following day and quickly remembered why I was willing to skulk around the water’s edge past midnight. Frog legs are incredible!

This season won’t last forever. If you want to experience some late night excitement with a tasty reward, arm yourself and hit the water!

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Lights, Camera, Frog Gigging! [VIDEO]