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Lightning Strikes Tree Holding Young Hunters and Treestand in Texas


All outdoorsmen should know that most outdoor activities and lightning just don’t mix. 

A frightening situation involving youth hunters and possible illegal hunting sent one to the hospital, according to

Two boys were hunting together in a treestand outside of Zavalla, Texas when a lightning strike hit the tree they were in, causing one of the boys to fall. The boy that fell was able to call 911 in hopes of getting help on the scene, while the other boy remained in the stand due to trouble breathing after the strike.

After the first boy called 911, he then ran approximately one mile to reach the first responders to bring them to the location of the boy stuck in the stand. The boy that was having trouble breathing was then transferred to a Houston area hospital.

Besides being struck by lightning, local Sheriff Greg Sanches also said that the boys were likely hunting illegally at the time of the incident.

“I don’t want to be hard on them, because they’re just boys, but they weren’t supposed to be there,” he said in the report. 

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Lightning Strikes Tree Holding Young Hunters and Treestand in Texas