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Lightning-Quick Lion Attack on a Crocodile in Kruger Park [VIDEO]

Check out this lightning-quick lion attack on a crocodile in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

If you’ve ever wondered how fast a lion can move when they want something badly enough, this video of a lioness attacking a young crocodile in Kruger Park is a pretty good demonstration of the speed lions are capable of.

Her reaction to the other members of the pride after the attack on the crocodile is priceless.

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“Go away! I killed this crocodile fair and square. Get your own!”

I was also impressed by how fast that crocodile was able to move (not that it did it much good). I guess if I had a lion chasing after me I’d be motivated to move pretty fast as well…

Like this lion causing a traffic jam, this lion pride demonstrates once again that they are one of the star attractions at Kruger National Park.

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Lightning-Quick Lion Attack on a Crocodile in Kruger Park [VIDEO]