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Lighted Nocks Approved for Colorado Bowhunters

lighted nocks

Colorado bowhunters should start doing research on lighted nocks; they are now legal for use.

The Colorado State Wildlife Commission has finally stepped into the light when it comes to lighted nocks. When hunters take to the Colorado woods in 2015, lighted nocks will be legal for use while bowhunting for the first time.

Lighted nocks have been a hard-fought struggle in Colorado, but lawmakers have finally seen them in a positive light. People have argued that the they give hunters an unfair advantage, but the good that can come from using lighted nocks have finally convinced lawmakers.

Lighted nocks can be very useful in bowhunting by making sure that the sport remains as ethical as possible. They can be an amazing tool for properly tuning a bow. Lighted nocks allow hunters to better tune their bows, which in turn means more accurate bows and shots, and less injury shots on their quarry. Being able to see and track the arrow in flight is a huge advantage when tuning a bow

Another advantage of this archery accessory is the ability to better read your shot. Knowing exactly where your arrow contacts your target can drastically change how you track and eventually recover the animal.

Now that Colorado has finally legalized lighted nocks, it leaves only three states that still ban their use; Idaho, Montana, and Oregon.

It looks like all that is left is for Colorado bowhunters to start target practice with their new equipment.

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Lighted Nocks Approved for Colorado Bowhunters