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Light a Match in a Pinch with Just a Rubber Band


Learn to light a match with a rubber band in the event your striker is worn out, lost, or damaged. 

Knowing and carrying multiple ways to start a fire is essential when spending time in the woods. While having those backups may be good, it never hurts to have a few other tricks up your sleeve like being able to light a match with a rubber band.

Matches are great for starting fires, but they do require the use of a striker to ignite them. Unless you pick up a box of strike-anywhere matches you are pretty much screwed if anything happens to the striker on the side of the box. Whether that be it gets soaked, damaged, worn out, or lost if you cut them out to put in a waterproof container like I do.

Have no fear though because there are a few unconventional ways to get those safety matches lit still. Check one example out in the video below.

"Hacks" have become a huge trend all over the world. Some of the most creative ones are always ways to make life easier in the outdoor world. This definitely would make my list of ones to remember and is just one reason to carry a few rubber bands in your pack.

Another great trick to remember is to take three to four matches and hold them in a triangle or square. With another match quickly and firmly twist it out and across the center of the other matches.

This creates enough friction to light it, but will also light all the others in the process. Works but wasteful if you are in a survival situation with only matches to light your fires, but sometimes that is what must be done.


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Light a Match in a Pinch with Just a Rubber Band