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The Lifestraw is a Genius Device, Here's Why You Should Own One [VIDEO]

There's a good reason why the Lifestraw was named Time Magazine's "Invention of the Year." 

Whether you are heading into the woods to hunt, catch fish, or simply take in the splendor of the great outdoors, you are going to need water. There are a number of options to treat water in the backcountry, from boiling to iodine tablets, but who has the time or taste to deal with those? The solution: the Lifestraw.

Check out a review of this lifesaving water filtration device from EartheasyTV.

Originally developed by Swiss company Vestergaard Frandsen for people in developing nations and for use in humanitarian crises, the Lifestraw is plastic straw that filters and purifies nonpotable water in seconds.

It has been used as a water treatment device in a number of recent natural disasters, including the Thailand floods of 2011 and the Haiti earthquake of 2010. The product has won numerous awards and was featured as Time Magazine's Best Invention of 2005.

The Lifestraw is an item you should have in your gear bag, especially if you're going on a long solo backpacking trip along streams, rivers or lakes.

How it works:

Operated just like a regular straw, albeit with a little more effort involved, the wide end of the straw is placed in a water source and the user draws water up through the physical filters and into their mouth.

The Lifestraw's physical filter removes 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites (including giardia), and is good up to 1,000 liters of water.

The 310 mm by 30 mm blue plastic tube is lightweight and can be stuffed in your bag safely or worn around the neck. It's a nice feeling dropping your gear and laying down to drink at your leisure, rather than waiting around for water to boil or for the iodine to do its thing.

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The Lifestraw is a Genius Device, Here's Why You Should Own One [VIDEO]